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Our drone video production method during Corona

First of all, YES, we are still producing and executing our drone and video production services.  So let us know if you are looking for a Dutch video production team that also offers professional drone services. Of course, these are crazy times and we have to adapt big time to produce the same high-quality videos like we always do during this corona pandamic. We see that the Dutch video production scene is changing and also our international shoots are canceled during this lock-down period. Therefore we are now focussing on video productions in the Netherlands and have notices we can still deliver while working according to the Dutch Coronavirus guidelines.

These guidelines definitely bring some challenges to the film set but we will adapt accordingly and we’ll make it work! Let us know if we can be of service setting up a Dutch video production with our professional and fully certified pilots and drones. We can talk things through during an online meeting and discuss all possibilities.

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Film opnames tijdens corona
CTR Amsterdam drone opnames

Video productions during the Corona pandemic in the Netherlands

making drone aerial shots while keeping distance

Also during this crazy Corona pandemic, we are still executing our video production and professional drone services. of course, we always working according to the latest government guidelines and keep distance within the video production team at all times. It’s definitely challenging, but we have found a way of making it work and still producing the high-quality video content that is expected from our Dutch video production team.

For example, our Dutch drone team always work in a two men team. These days they come in two separate cars and only one of them can set up the drone. While making the shots they have to keep a minimum distance of at least 1,5 meters. This means the director can not come close to the camera operator to check the drone shot that is being made. To tackle this we work with a wireless monitor that the DoP or director can watch from a safe distance.

Our professional Dutch drone a video production team have years of experience and can also carry out a shoot without the presence of a client. At Kiwi Aerial Shots we only work with professionals that can completely work independently provided we had proper pre-production meetings with the client.

Our Dutch video production services

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Contact us now!

Let us know when you have any questions about our Dutch video production services during this Corona pandemic. We can set up a call or video meeting to meet and talk things through. We are happy to tell you what’s possible and what is not to see if we can set up your needed Dutch video production.

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