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Let us know if you would like to receive more information about our drone or helicopter services or when you need a price indication. We love to hear everything about your project so we can help you with all the aerial solutions. Check our contact information below or use the contact form to send us a direct message. We’ll talk soon!


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Our Prices:

Please email or call us for a price indication. We are always there to pick up the phone. In most cases, we can instantly give you a price.

Price is depending on:
– Drone choice
– 1 or 2 operators
– Type of Camera
– Longevity of project
– Commercial or Art project

We like to keep all options open and always try to have good contact with our clients. We don’t work with starting prices but work with day prices and custom quotes.  This is to prevent hidden costs afterward.

Or contact us directly:

TEL: 0031 (0)6-19197178

We will cal you back!

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