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Kiwi Aerial Shots is thé Dutch drone company based in Amsterdam (the Netherlands). We have certified drones and pilots with many years of experience in the film business. This way we can always act fast and really understand the workflow in small and big film productions. If you have any questions regarding the use of one or even multiple of our drones, pilot’s and camera’s, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

If you need a professional Dutch drone team for your  shoot, you’ve come to the right place!

Drone protfolio

After eight years, we’ve built a portfolio we are truly proud of. Below you can see some videos for which Kiwi Aerial Shots made the drone footage. As said, we have worked for all kinds of productions. From a music video for Armin van Buren, to the Chapter One movie with among others Richard Branson. To see more of our portfolio you can go to our portfolio page or contact us directly so we can send you specific drone footage that matches your request.

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drone portfolio Samsung
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OceAnco layover portfolio
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SARENS drone portfolio
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From corporate video to blockbuster

At Kiwi we have been producing drone videos for all sort of productions. From sports events to corporate video and from full feature film up to Netflix Documentaries. Defenitly check our ARRI Alexa / RED camera page for high-end aerials information, or just contact us so we can tell you all about it. We love to hear what kind of video production you have in mind and to help you realize your goals.

Movies and Docs

With our X8 and Matrice600 we can fly cameras like the ARRI alexa Mini and RED

Corporate video

Corporate and real estate videos get a tremendous boost of our aerial shots

TV Series

We have made drone shots for series on Netflix, Discovery Channel, the BBC and National Geographic


We've been filming sports all over the world, no event without a great after movie


Check the portfolio items on our Alexa page to see the commercials that we have done


We have worked on multiple big video clips from Armin van Buren, Bizzy and the latest we've done for the famous Dutch artist Willem - 'Houten pak'.

Drones en camera's

RED // ALEXA // X7 // X5s

At Kiwi we always work professional equipment. That’s why we have experience with all the big camera brands and lenses. Our Inspire 2 we fly with the X5s or X7 camera and with our X8 Heavy lifter drone we fly a RED or Alexa camera. We know how important it is that the drone shots matches rest of the footage. Next to this we have our own workshop where we make custom parts. This means we can answer a lot of special requests including special effects or custom rigs. Read more about this on our Technics page.

ARRI ALEXA Shoot drone controler
Drone inspectie
Matrice600 top mount
custom drones
Team bij monitor
matrice600 and insta360Pro


Certifications and exemptions

Fully certified drones and pilots

Regarding the Dutch drone regulations, we have all the knowledge you need to know. Together with our certified drones and RPA-L certified pilots we can get exemptions on locations that others can’t get. We can fly in the harbor of Rotterdam or in the airspace near Amsterdam. We have the info to contact air traffic control in all the different airspaces in the Netherlands. Get in touch when you have a question about certain parts of the country and we can inform you about the possibilities.

Airspace exemptions

For some parts in the Dutch airspace, you need to get in contact with Air traffic control. We have all the contacts and know the processes to get the needed exemptions and permits for making the drone flights.

Drone regulations
Certified pilots

All pilots at Kiwi Aerial Shots have their RPA-L certificate which is the highest possible degrees to fly heavy payload drones.

About kiwi
ROC certified

Kiwi Aerial Shots is an official ROC certified drone company (101/2019 v1). Therefore we can get airspace exemptions most other drone companies cant get.

About kiwi
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