Professional Aerial shots with a Cineflex or Gimball setup


Cineflex / Shotover Operator or custom camera rigs

In need of a Cineflex operator or Shotover service?

At Kiwi Aerial shots we also provide professional aerial cinematography services from a helicopter. This can be needed when the shots have to be made at high altitudes, faster speed or on a location where drones are not allowed. Our professional Dutch camera operators can work with different camera setups to fit your production. This can be the  Cineflex camera, the GSS system, our own gimbal system or even a “handheld” setup. We used all kinds of setups all over the world and even build custom rigs for next level 22K aerial cinematography that push the boundaries of aerial filming. Contact us if you want more information about our possibilities or to tell us your wishes so we can give you more information.


We mostly work with a RED Dragon camera in our Cineflex for helicopter cinematography in the Netherlands. If you please another camera in the Cineflex system, no problem!


With our gimbal setup we can fly high-end camera using anamorphic lenses on our Ronin 2 gimbal. Like we did here, filming from the side door for a Mc Donalds TVC production.


At Kiwi Aerial Shots we also build custom camera rigs for underneath a helicopter. So if you have anything challaging regarding aerial shots, let us know! We build a custom helicopter rig for 3 RED MONSTROS giving us 310 degrees footage in 22K resolution!



We offer multiple camera setups for making aerial shots from a helicopter. Which option is best totally depends on the needed shots, the location, and budget of the production. one of the cheaper options is to go for a handheld or gimbal setup with which we have to film sideways from the door opening.  These options have some limitations as we can not film 90 degrees downwards because of the prop wash of the helicopter blades. The Cineflex system doesn’t have this problem. The Cineflex system offers a complete free rotation of the camera in all directions making top-down shots at high speeds! This way our Dutch Cineflex operator can give you the best possible helicopter shots.



A frequently asked question is: Why use a helicopter if you have drones? The reason is that a helicopter is a completely different machine which gives completely different possibilities. It also has to do with airspace regulations. For example, in the Netherlands, drones are not allowed to fly any more high as 120 meters. A helicopter can go way higher. A helicopter can film using a 300mm zoom lens. something which is impossible on a drone because of the weight. Another big advantage of using a helicopter is the distance a helicopter can cover. A drone must be flown within the line of sight of the Dutch pilot. So for example, when filming a train, a drone team can cover as much as maybe a mile. A helicopter can fly along for a few hours. Of course, a drone has benefits on its side compared to a helicopter. Let us know if you have questions about using a drone vs. a helicopter in Dutch Airspace.

Offshore helicopter shoot
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Defquon1 helicopter shoot
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Cineflex helicopter filming portfolio
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Mysteryland 2022 End show
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Discovery channel drone opdracht
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VFX PLATES IN 310 degrees with a 22K resolution

You can contact us for the most extreme out of the box helicopter cinematography requests. In our workshop in Amsterdam we work on a daily base on gruondbreaking projects for all kind of shoots. In 2019 we build a helicopter rig for three RED Monstros to get a 310-degrees view in 22K. Let us know when you have a crazy project in mind for which you need technical filmmakers like us.

Commercials & Films

In the last 10 years, we filmed some crazy productions for full feature films and television commercials like this gigantic 40m Mc menu for McDonald's.


Filming offshore above the North sea or any other big open water requires extra planning for the crew and helicopter itself. We can arrange this all as we have lots of experience filming offshore with our helicopters and cameras.


We can pick up your helicopter cinematography production in the Netherlands from A to Z. Just let us know what your wishes are so we can tell you our options.

Custom 22K, VR Helicopter Rig

We made some unique helicopter footage flying at extremely low altitude using 3 RED Monstro cameras for a 22k resolution image.

Low altitude aerials in Rotterdam and Amsterdam

We have the knowledge and connections to get exclusive exemptions to fly ultra low above Amsterdam

Inside the Rig

Three RED Monstro cameras with the Sigma 14mm lenses. With this self build camera rig, we filmed some extreme helicopter shots flying at extremely low altitudes like 50ft above Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

Experienced Cineflex operators

We only work with professional Cineflex operators that have many hours of experience.

Helikopter photography

Next to the cinematography, we can also offer professional photos made from the helicopter. With some video flights, we can offer photography at the same time to save time and costs.

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