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In need of a Cineflex or Shotover operator?
Next to our professional drone services Kiwi Aerial shots also provides the services for helicopter footage. This can be needed when the shots have to be made at high altitude, faster speed or on a location where drones are not allowed. Our camera operators can work with different camera setups to fit your production. This can be the  Cineflex camera, the GSS system, our own gimbal system or “hand held” setup. We used all kinds of setups all over the world and even build custom rigs for next level production that push the boundaries of aerial filming. Contact us if you want more information about our possibilities or to tell us your wishes so we can give you more information.

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Helicopter video

Helicopter productions such as:

> Real estate in urban areas

> Offshore footage

> Car/ Heli/ Ship tracking shots

> Sport events (F1/ cycling)

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Why Kiwi

> 8 years of experience

> From Cineflex to 360 VR

> Last minute flights

> Custom camera rigs

> Global experience

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Let us know about your helicopter production and contact us at:

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At Kiwi Aerial Shots we offer multiple camera setups and only work with professional camera equipment and lenses. The exact equipment we choose depends on the production and goal of the footage. Also, the technique of operating the camera depends on the wishes of the client. We can use the Cineflex or GSS system or work with a gimbal or handheld setup to shoot out of the door of the helicopter. It all depends on the whishes and budget that comes with the shoot. For most shoots we use the Cineflex system with our RED Dragon camera but we can go as far as building custom camera rigs with for example 3 RED Monstros for 360 VR footage.  Contact us if you want more information about the different techniques and costs. We are more than happy to help you.


Some productions prefer having a hand held setup for the feel of the video. This is also something we can provide.


In the Cineflex system we work with a RED Dragon camera (6K) and a 30-300 canon cinema lens. A wider lens is also available for wider shots.


At Kiwi we work daily on custom rigs for our drones and heli shoots. For example our 360VR heli rig for 3 RED Monstro cameras.


With our gimbal setup we can shoot up to 5.2 RAW DNG up to 120mm lenses. This setup is used to film from the door of the helicopter.


Two of the areas in The Netherlands we fly frequently with a helicopter are Amsterdam and Rotterdam. This is because it’s not allowed to fly a drone in these areas and the helicopter is a great alternative for amazing aerial shots. To go for a two-engine helicopter we have the possibility to fly low  and make shots above the water of the city-center of Amsterdam or the world famous harbor of Rotterdam. Our camera operators have lots of experience in communicating with the helicopter pilots to get the best shots possible. Contact us if you are interested in aerial footage from Amsterdam or Rotterdam so we can tell you everything about the different camera options and prices.

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Cineflex shots by Kiwi Aerial Shots /// Short documentary Feat Jeffrey Milstein​Unstructured by Clarks

TV Livestream or FILM PRODUCTIon

We have experience in working for small corporate productions, internationals tv programs, documentaries and sport events and therefore worked with many different DOP’s and directors. You can contact us for helicopter shoots in the Netherlands but as we also work globally you can actually contact us for any helicopter production. Read more about our professionals on our Kiwi page and if you have any question about the possibilities of filming from a helicopter, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Helikopter photography

Filming from a helicopter is sometimes needed if high speed or altitude is of the essence. It can also be necessary because of the location of the shoot like an offshore shoot or footage that has to be made next to an airport or above a big city like Amsterdam or Rotterdam. Our experienced camera operators work with different techniques like the Cineflex and GSS system or our homemade gimbal, both suitable for perfect stable footage. Our camera operators have years of global experience shooting amazing footage from a helicopter. As we have a broad Dutch network we can also set up the whole production so don’t hesitate to contact us with any question. We are more than happy to help.


We would love to hear for what production you would like to potentially hire us. This way we can think with you about all the possibility’s we have to offer. Also, if you would like to see a quotation, you can always call or email us or send a message using our contact form.

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