Professional FPV pilots and Cinewhoop drones

FPV drone pilots

Next level close range cinematography

Are you looking for Dutch FPV pilots? At Kiwi Aerial Shots we work with one of the best FPV pilots on the planet, Thomas de Koster! FPV drones like the Cinewhoop and Racedrones have the possibility to fly really close to their object and make incredible fast movements while following their subject.  This way, we can create completely unique content that is only possible through the FPV drone technique. Contact us to tell us what you are looking for and we can tell you all about our FPV drone services!


As FPV drone footage is becoming more and more popular we can now offer this service with an award-winning FPV team!


Our FPV drones can reach speeds up to 100 miles and can make both indoor as outdoor shots flying close, if not through! its filming object.


Our FPV pilot Thomas de Koster is declared FPV pilot of the year 2019! So let us know if you need the best possible FPV drone shots!


Depending on the needed shots we use a FPV Racedrone or FPV Cinewhoop. We can also build a custom FPV drone for your extreme production.

Globally active

Our FPV drone pilots travel the world to make the most beautiful FPV footage,


After making the FPV drone footage we pick up the post-production. This means stabilizing the shots and if needed we can make a whole edit.



The unique character of the FPV drone footage comes from the high speeds and incredible maneuverability of these small and lightweight drones. These manual controlled FPV drones can therefore, make aerial shots that are simply not possible with our bigger Inspire 2 and Matrice600 drone.

An FPV drone we use a lot is the Cinewhoop model. This can reach speeds up to 50km/h. And because it’s as light as 468 grams and has protection around its 3″ propellors it can fly completely save right next to its subject and even though the smallest spaces. This makes it the perfect drone for indoor FPV shots. Another option is our Freestyle/ Race drone that comes with 5″ propellers. This has a base weight of 625 grams and can reach speeds up to 150km/h! This drone is perfect for shoot sports events like kite-surfing or motor cross!

With 100 miles per hour, we fly our FPV drones only centimeters above the ground, through objects and can we get as close as it gets!

FPV Google and camera technics


FPV stands for First Person View. This drone technique is called this way because the pilot controls the drone using a Goggle. Here it sees a live view that comes directly from a small camera on the front of the FPV drone. This way the pilot feels like being on the FPV drone itself and therefore can determine perfect flight directions.

The camera that makes the actual footage on the FPV drone can of course only be small and lightweight. The little Cinewhoop drones have a maximum take-off mass (MTOM)  of 618 grams and therefore the camera weight is limited to 150 grams. We prefer working with the GoPro 6 as this footage is best for stabilizing in post-production. Better than the footage of the GoPro 7 and 8. This stabilization is necessary because the footage would otherwise be too shaky for usage. This stabilizing in post-production is part of the standard FPV drone services that we provide at Kiwi Aerial Shots.

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