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Next level close range cinematography

Are you looking for a professional Dutch FPV pilot? At Kiwi Aerial Shots we work with some of the best FPV pilots on the planet, Thomas de Koster and Vladdie de Koning! FPV drones like the Cinewhoop and Racedrones have the possibility to fly really close to their object and make swift movements while following their subject.  This way, we can create completely unique content that is only possible through the FPV drone technique. Contact us to tell us what you are looking for and we can tell you all about our FPV drone services!

GoPro 12

Our smallest FPV drones fly a naked GoPro 12. this makes it extra light and therfore safer for making indoor FPV drone shots flying close, if not through small objects! perfect for festivals an indoor tours for corporate video's.


When we need to upgrade from Gopro 12 we take out our naked Black magic camera for 4K footage and a trully flat color profile.

Freefly Ember

When the FPV drone shots need to by as high end as possible we reach out for the Freefly Ember or a RED komodo setup. These FPV drones are not as small and innocent anymore but we can make some insane FPV drone shots!

Commercials and corporate

INDOOR & OUTDOOR | Netherlands or Abroad

At Kiwi Aerial Shots we have been filming commercials for over a decade. More often we also need to bring our FPV drones to the film set as this brings a unique fast-moving perspective to the shoot. We have been flying our FPV drones for many car commercials like Cupra, Mitsubishi, and Volkswagen. Also more and more festivals have after-movies that contain crazy dynamic shots that can be made with our FPV race drones. These small and lightweight drones can fly low over the crowd and through fireworks and smoke canons easily, capturing unique footage that gives energy to your after-movie! Next to the festivals our FPV drone services are more and more used for corporate videos. This can be complex one-take shots of the drone flying through multiple areas showing the personnel and services of your company. These FPV drone shots ask a lot of pre-production and timing which we can offer from beginning to end. We can also work with multiple shots that we edit onto a dynamic FPV corporate video with or without animations and or voiceovers to add extra information to your corporate video.

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FPV DRONE Workflow


The unique character of the FPV drone footage comes from the high speeds and incredible maneuverability of these small and lightweight drones. These manual-controlled FPV drones can, therefore, make aerial shots that are simply not possible with our bigger Inspire 3 and Condor drone.

An FPV drone we use a lot is the Cinewhoop model. This can reach speeds up to 50km/h. And because it’s as light as 468 grams and has protection around its 3″ propellors it can fly completely save right next to its subject and even through the smallest spaces. Together with a naked GoPro 12 camera setup, makes it the perfect FPV drone for a corporate video.

Another option is our Freestyle/ Race drone that comes with 5″ propellers. This has a base weight of 625 grams and can reach speeds up to 150km/h! This drone is perfect for shooting sports events like kite-surfing or motor cross!




Not long ago the possibilities for different kinds of cameras on FPV drone was limited. This is because of the small lift power these tiny FPV drones have a small Cinewhoop FPV drone can have a maximum take-off weight of 618 grams, including the camera! Good news the small action cameras are getting better every year and lately, we are working with the latest GoPro 12. We use a so-called naked version of this camera to reduce maximum weight. With this setup, we can film 4K footage at 50fps to combine amazing speeds and cool slow-motion speed ramps. To ramp it even further, we can now fly the Freefly EMBER camera on our FPV drones. This camera can shoot up to 800fps in 4k!

FPV drone team

For bigger video productions, it’s often required to make the drone shots with the same camera setup as the cameras that are used throughout the rest of the film production. FPV drones can now be built bigger and bigger while maintaining most of their fast-flying maneuvers carrying bigger camera setups. We can now offer FPV drone filming with a Black Magic pocket camera or even a Freefly EMBER camera setup!



FPV stands for First Person View. This drone technique is called this way because the pilot controls the drone using a Goggle. Here it sees a live view that comes directly from a small camera on the front of the FPV drone. This way the pilot feels like being on the FPV drone itself and therefore can determine perfect flight directions. For the director, we have a small monitor with a live feed of the footage that is being filmed by the FPV drone. This way the director can direct the shots and ask the FPV pilot to make certain maneuvers.

The drones we use for our FPV drone shoots are all self-built drones. This way we can optimize the drone for every unique production and requested camera setup.

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