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Aerial drone shots with ARRI Alexa Mini and RED cameras

Aerial Cinematography



At Kiwi Aerial Shots we are specialized in Aerial drone shots with ARRI Alexa Mini and RED cameras. We fly these with our bigger fully certified X8 heavy-lift drone and the DJI Matrice 600. Together with our RPA-L certified pilots, we offer the possibility to film with the ARRI Alexa Mini or all kinds of RED cameras. In the last couple of years we offered this service to multiple Dutch and International productions for car commercials, full feature films, and music videos.

Let us know when you have any questions about flying the bigger camera setups underneath our drones. You can contact us through our contact page, or call us directly. We would love to hear about the production you have in mind so we can tell you how we can be of service.

Drone shoot ARRI Alexa Mini


Drone productions for:

> Movies and Docs

> Sports and Events

> Corporate video’s

> Commercials



> Payloads up to 10KG

> Gremsy H16 & Ronin MX

> Alexa Mini & RED cameras

> Prime/ Anamorphic lenses

> Custum build setups

Drone video production with ARRI Alexa and RED camera

Why Kiwi

> Years of experience

>Fully certified company

> Technical knowledge

> Creative professionals

> Globally active

Drones, cameras and lenses


For the bigger film productions, the choice for the right camera and lens is key. Therefore we offer heavy payload drones that can carry the bigger camera setups like an Arri Alexa Mini or RED camera. Depending on the exact setup and desired speed of the drone we can work with our ROC certified Matrice600 or X8 heavy-lift drone. Both setups have an MTOM (Maximum Take-Off Mass) of 25KG.

With this equipment, we can work with prime lenses like CP2 and Cooke and our gimbals are equipped with a D-tap connection. This way we can add a light weighted follow focus. Our technicians, pilots, and operators will get you the most professional aerial shots possible that match the rest of the production perfectly.

KIWI X8 Pro 2

– Suitable for RED and Alexa camera’s
– Suitable for cinema Lenses
– 10KG Payload
– 100km/h & 15min Airtime
– Gremsy H16 gimbal

DJI Matrice 600

– Suitable for RED and Alexa camera’s
– Suitable for cinema Lenses
– 8KG Payload
– 70km/h & 16min airtime
– Gremsy H16 Gimbal


To ensure 100% certainty that we can deliver on every film set we always bring a comparable backup drone. This way we can always deliver the professional footage we promise to deliver.


– 4K UHD
– Up to 200 fps
– 14.0+ stops dynamic range
– ArriRAW / Proress
– 35mm Sensor

RED camera

– 4.5k
– 120fps
– 2k 240fps
– REDRAW codec
– 16.5 dynamic range

On request

Let us know which camera you need for your Aerial production so we can tell you our related options.

Flying globally

Drone Portfolio

Full feature films, Documentaries & commercials

Below you can see some drone footage of our Kiwi portfolio that are all filmed with an ARRI Alexa or RED camera. Let us know if you want to see other drone productions or if you have any question about our global or local Dutch drone services. We would love to help and take your aerial production to the next level.

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drone portfolio commercial
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Flying a drone with heavy payload comes with extra risks and therefore extra drone regulations. Let us know when you have a location in mind or want us to help with the locations scouting. It’s possible that flying a drone is not allowed on the wished location but as we have the right certificates and experience it’s possible for us to ask for a dispensation. We do get these 9 out of 10 times but as it can take a while to get official permission it’s always good to start this procedure as soon as possible.


Helicopter & car rigs, Drone lighting & custom gimbals

Next to all the professional Dutch drone services we are also specialized in custom production requests. In our workshop in Amsterdam, we work daily on custom Gimbal setups and specialized car and helicopter rigs. At the moment we are working on a revolutionary lighting system! We now have a 1800W LED light that we can put under our drones. Read everything about this innovation on our LED lighting page.

experienced drone team

Fully certified professionals

At Kiwi Aerial Shots we have years of experience with all kinds of productions: from big sports events to Full feature films filming with our drones or helicopter. Our experience and knowledge always translates in great footage and a clear collaboration with the DOP/ director. Read everything about our company and our team on our Kiwi page or contact us directly for more specific questions.

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