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Welcome! We are Kiwi, A Dutch drone company with ten years of experience in close range aerial cinematography. Contact us if you are searching for an experienced and fully certified Dutch drone company with high-end aerial equipment. Ou professional drone teams fly ARRI, RED, and DJI cameras for all kinds of video productions. We are located in Amsterdam (Netherlands) and deliver worldwide drone and helicopter services with high-end drones and cameras. Below you can see all the drone services we provide at Kiwi.


Professional aerial shots with certified drones and cameras as the ARRI Alexa Mini, RED or the X7 camera by DJI.
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Helicopter productions with a Cineflex system or camera rig, we can arrange the whole production!
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Professional 360-degrees VR aerials with the latest cameras underneath a drone or helicopter.
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Our FPV drone professionals are some of the best in the world and can create unique aerial shots!
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In our workshop, we work on a daily base on innovative drones and camera rigs for next level aerial shots.
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We fly our own developed 1800W LED drone lighting system to create unique light and shadow effects!
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Certified // Professional // Technical // Creative

If you are looking for high-end professional aerial shots, contact Kiwi! We can provide drone and helicopter shots, livestream drone productions, 360VR aerial shots or completely unique custom build requests. Our experienced team is ready to jump in and make sure we are getting the best results.

With our long experience in the field and building custom drone- and helicopter solutions we are a truly reliable technical aerial partner. We are a fully certified drone company and and have exemptions to fly almost anywhere. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with complex projects!

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ARRI ALEXA // RED // DJI cameras

We always work with the most recent equipment to deliver the best possible quality. Our drones can lift payloads up to 10KG so we can almost lift any camera setup like an ARRI Alexa Mini and RED camera with cinema-grade lenses. Check our Technics page for more info about our drones and cameras.

Film, Doc, Commercial or corporate

We provide our aerial cinematography services for a wide veriaty of productions. From sport events or corporate video in Fiji or on top of the highest mountain of Europe.

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Offshore and "on water" productions.

Filming offshore, luxury yachts, or extreme sports from a following boat on the water require a lot of experience, something we build in the last nine years at Kiwi.

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Professional teams

We work with small and experienced cinematography teams so we can create the best possible shots for your video production.

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A good preparation is key to every aerial video production. At Kiwi Aerial Shots we have the experience to go through all the needed production steps with the production teams or DoP or when needed, we can set it all up ourselves.

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Custom drones & cameras

In our Kiwi workshop in Amsterdam, we are always improving our own equipment or working on new innovating gear to make groundbreaking aerial shots.

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Car-2-Car Shots

With our Gremsy camera setup on the roof of our van we can make Car-2-Car shots with speeds up to 70 miles an hour.

Kiwi Equipment

Fully certified drone company

Drone regulations // CTR Zones // Certified drones and pilots

Operating drones safely and properly is what we do. Kiwi Aerial Shots is a fully ROC certified Dutch drone company that is well known with the latest Dutch and European drone laws and regulations. Please let us know when you have any questions regarding the airspace above Amsterdam, Rotterdam, or any other part in Europe. When needed we are also happy to share our drone and pilot certifications, company, and insurance papers.

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