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Looking for a Dutch drone company that can deliver high-end aerial shots? Kiwi Aerial Shots has been specializing in aerial cinematography since the first drones were around: our strength is our technical experience and film background. We fly many different drones and setups, do helicopter shoots and are familiar with professional camera systems. Interested in hiring a Dutch drone company?

Contact us now! We are located in Amsterdam (the Netherlands) and provide a worldwide service. We have our certified drone pilots ready in the Netherlands, the UK, Belgium, Spain and Germany.

drone operators

Drone productions

Drone productions for:

> Movies and Doc’s

> Sports and Events

> Corporate video’s

> Commercials

Blog drone shoot


> Completely certified

> Technical knowledge

> Professional camera’s and lenses

> 7 years of experience

> Globally active

Tom van Oijen Kiwi team


Questions about our drone productions?  Contact us now! 

> +31 (0) 6 19 19 71 78


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Kiwi summary

The latest drones, professional camera's and lenses

Kiwi Aerial Shots is a professional Dutch drone company based in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. We are an experienced Dutch drone team with over 7 years of experience in all sorts of video productions and a life-time of technical knowledge. Kiwi Aerial Shots offers certified drones, certified drone pilots, and camera operators. Next to the drone service, we also offer helicopter shots, spectacular 360 VR drone shots and other custom drone projects. We are THE Dutch drone company with tons of technical knowledge. This shows in our own developed 1800W drone LED lighting.  On this website, you can find more information about our Dutch drone teamdrone equipment, drone services. Contact us if you have any questions or if you would like to receive a quotation.

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Our aerial services

Film recordings, VR 360, Drone lighting and more

Besides the professional Dutch drone services we also offer other aerial services. If you have questions, would like to receive a quotation or are in need of a unique custom aerial request? Then contact us and we will tell you what we can do for your aerial production.

360 VR Aerials

VR 360 drone recordings. We use our inspire 2 or bigger drone's to carry professional 360 camera's.



We are a Dutch drone company specialised in drone video recordings. We've been in this field from the beginning of the drone age.



We can also provide helicopter shoots. Read more on our helicopter service page. We shoot with pur Movi or Cineflex systems.


Corporate video with drone footage

Show what your company is all about in 4K aerial drone footage.



We fly our self-developed 1800W LED lighting system which creates unique lighting effects!



Need a drone for inspection? We manage drone inspections for bridges, windmills and power pylons.


Gear and Technics

The latest drones, professional cameras and lenses

At Kiwi, we always work with the newest equipment available on the market. We work with a broad variety of fully licensed drones, profesional cameras and all kinds of cinema lenses. If there is something that needs to be custom made, we’re on it! We are a Dutch drone company with our own workshop where we can build nearly everything from gimbals to high power LED’s. Read more about our equipment and custom possibilities on our Technics page.


Our drones

> Inspire 2   (x5s or x7 camera)

> DJI Matrice 600 (RED or ARRI Alexa)

> X8 Heavy Lifter (RED or ARRI Alexa)

> Click here for more info

dji camera x7


> DJI X7 or X5s (Super 35 sensor)

> RED Raven (Dragon sensor)

> ARRI Alexa Mini

> Click here for more info

MOVI productie

RAW recording

> Resolution up to 8K 

> Prores 4444 / Cinema DNG

> Various 360 VR recordings

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Globally active

Aerial portfolio

Lots of experience on different productions

drone watershowreel
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We are a Dutch drone company that has worked on a very broad variety of assignments in the past 7 years. Our portfolio comprises work from all over the world. From small projects to big productions for all kinds of videos. Check our drone Portfolio or pick one of the production types below to see what we have done. You can also contact us to ask for specific edits that suit your production.

7 Years of experience


Kiwi is a Dutch drone company that flew drones before most people even heard of them. Because of all these years of experience, we have a lot of technical knowledge and an eye for the perfect shot. We are also experienced in working together with big productions, which greatly improves our sense of trust and communication with directors and DOP’s. We always work in a set team of certified drone operators. Read everything about our team on our Kiwi page.

  • Checking out optimal configurations for a custom rig! Nodel point, fov, #aerodynamics #redcinema #drone #helicopter #360camera #monstro #redmonstro (295 degree video)
  • Preparing a 3x #redcinema RED Monstro setup. More info coming soon! #redcamera #aerialshoot #helicopter #aerialcinematography
  • Why only 1 camera when you can have 6? #360video #matrice600 #drones
  • And we are off for an amazing 2019! We already had our first production day on the first of Jan. The shot of the post was of one of our Helicopter productions in 2018 using the Cineflex system. We love the mesmerizing effect of filming a highway flyover. More to come on this channel in 2019! . . . #kiwiaerialshots #helicopter #flyover #cineflex #Heliair #highway #netherlands #netherlandsfromabove #helishoot #aerialfilming #mesmerizing #kiwi
  • WOWOWOW, What a Kiwi year this was!!! We pushed ourselves on every level and that’s the reason we learned and have grown a lot this year. With our new team members, lot’s of new equipment and all the gained knowledge we will aim even higher next year! Through this way we want to thank all our partners, clients and even competitors for pushing our limits. You will hear from us next year with more drone, helicopter and other insane aerials footage!
  • Final poster image used for the TECH campaign of the Dutch Ministry of Defense (@minvandefensie). Great campaign by @eyeforce, Awesome picture by @martindijkstraphoto, and insane coffee drone by @kiwi_aerial_shots 👍 . . . . #kiwiaerialshots #customisking #coffeedrone #drones #indoordrone #campaign #eyeforce #martindijkstra #defense #coffeeondemand #custom #kiwi
  • Check onze werkende custom build koffie drone! Gemaakt in opdracht van @eyeforce voor een spot voor van het @minvandefensie. Mooi stuk werk van Kim uit onze Kiwi werkplaats. . . . . #gottech #kiwiaerialshots #customdrone #drone #eyeforce #minesterie #defensie #koffie #indoordrone #kiwi
  • Passing Amsterdam international Airport Schiphol! This phone clip was made during our Helicopter shoot last Friday with We had to pass @schiphol and got the order to fly right over, we actually had to wait in the middle so we made two circles around the tower waving at @luchtverkeersleiding 👋 . . . . #kiwiaerialshots #helishoot #schiphol #Amsterdam #internationalairport #airplanes #takeoff #helicopter #360vr #luchtverkeersleiding #tower #aerialshots #Kiwi
  • Last Friday we had a 360 VR helicopter production. We flew for around 4 hours near and above Amsterdam. We captured some insane footage with our 8K @insta360 PRO 2. Check our saved story to see some behind the scene footage of the day! . . . . #kiwiaerialshots #360vr #helicopter #instapro #aerial #virtualreality #misterKim #filmproduction #pioneers #Amsterdam #kiwi
  • Still of the corporate video we made for @mdb_tbi. This video is completely produced by Kiwi including script, aerials, interviews, audio, post-production, etc. Check our portfolio page to see the whole video, link in bio. . . . . #kiwiaerialshots #corporatevideo #MBD #drones #steadycam #REDRaven #constructionsite #eefde #lockdetwente #naturalis #harderwijk #bedrijfsfilm #Kiwi

About Kiwi

How it all started

Kiwi Aerial Shots is a Dutch drone company with more than seven years of experience. The founder of the company is Kim Hoogervorst. He started making aerial footage before the time you could buy a drone online. Kim Build the drones himself and with his self developed gimbals he was a true pioneer in the aerial footage business.

Today’s work with drones

Just as most of the drone companies, Kiwi Aerial Shots works with the DJI Inspire 2 drone. But to this day Kiwi also works with their self-made Octocopter to fly cameras like the ARRI Alexa and RED. Because of the experience Kiwi gained in the early years, the Kiwi team build a massive amount of technical knowledge that comes of use in every film production.

Kiwi Aerial Shots is a renowned Dutch drone company that delivers great aerial footage every time! read more about the company and the Kiwi team on the about Kiwi page.

Drone video Service

At Kiwi Aerial Shots we now have more than seven years of drone experience and therefore we can offer a wide variety of drone services. You have the opportunity to hire a certified drone with a certified pilot, and optional drone camera operator. We make 360º VR footage, we developed a unique 1800W LED light we can put underneath our Inspire 2 drone and we offer a possibility to set up a complete video production including storytelling, director, production and post-production including animation.

360º VR drone footage

The latest trend is 360º drone footage. Kiwi Aerial Shots has been working with this technique from the beginning and is therefore experienced in setting up these kinds of 360º drone productions. These kind of images provide a whole new perspective on aerial footage and an interactive possibility that is completely new! At kiwi Aerial Shots we work with the latest equipment to get the best, high-resolution 360º images. Read everything about this on our 360º drone video page.

Drone lighting, 1800W LED and 163.000 Lumen

Next to our drone film services we always work on new innovative projects in our workshop. A unique project we are currently working on is a 1800W LED light which we can mount underneath an Inspire 2 drone. This flying light source has a unique lighting effect and casts moving shadows like you’ve never seen before. Read everything about our drone lighting technique and on our drone LED lighting page.

Dutch drone operator service

The fundament of all our Kiwi Aerial Shots services are our experienced drone pilots. At Kiwi, we only work with professional certified drone pilots with lots of experience. Besides drone pilots our professional drones are fully licensed as well. We always come with an extra backup drone and our pilots have complete technical knowledge of the equipment they work with. Read everything about this on our Dutch drone operator service page.

Complete production

Next to all the drone services mentioned above, we also offer our complete production service. With over seven years of experience, we have the knowledge, a professional network, and the equipment to offer the whole package. We can offer storytelling, directorship and also the whole post-production service including animations. read everything about our complete video production service on this page.

Drones, cameras en lenses

At Kiwi Aerial Shots we always work with professional equipment in terms of drones, cameras, and lenses. This way we can always offer the best possible aerial image quality to fit the rest of the production.

Drones – DJI Inspire 1, Inspire 2 and Octocopter

At the moment we work with a DJI Inspire 1, the DJI Inspire 2, the Matrice600 and our own Octocopter storm drone. We have a backup drone that we always take with us for every drone shoot. The octocopter is a drone we can fly within the most extreme weather conditions and the best High-end cameras as an Arri Alexa or RED. Read everything about our drones on our Technical drone page.

Cameras en lenses – X5s, X7, ARRI Alexa and RED Raven

To always get the right image quality for every product it’s important to work with professional drone cameras like the X5s, the X7, the ARRI Alexa and the RED Raven camera. Next to these camera’s we also have a wide variety of camera lenses. read everything about our drone camera and lens options on our Technics page or more about our drone options with an ARRI Alexa and RED camera on our Kiwi page here.

Corporate video with drone footage

The last couple of years we’re making more and more company videos with drone footage. We do this for all kinds of companies like yacht builders, transport corporations etc. Next to drone footage, we can also set up the whole production including directors, actors, storytelling, and post-production. To set up the right production it’s good to know what the goal of the company video is, for instance is it a video for external or internal use? Below are some examples of different purposes for company videos.

Product or service video with drones

For such a company video it’s important to film the product or service in the best possible context. A good example of this is the yacht we filmed in for Oceanco in a perfect blue ocean. Check our corporate video portfolio to see some of the yachts we filmed for them with Mōvi and drone shots.


When we are talking about a video production for a TV commercial it’s often about showing the experience a product or service has to offer. Most of the time it’s also necessary to use text and give an explanation. At Kiwi Aerial Shots we have experience with setting up a script for commercials, having the directors roll, setting up the production and have the best editors and animators working on the post-production. You can read more information about our complete video production service you can read on our Production page.

Corporate video

A Corporate video is often used for internal use. The company wants to capture their brand values, their company culture and show their office. Capturing the office can be great using drone footage, depending on the location. Read more about our the corporate drone videos we make using drone footage on our Company video page.

Drone regulations

Drone regulations in the Netherlands are constantly changing. Like in most other countries there are Dutch drone regulations regarding the weight of the drones, the height, and locations you can or can’t fly. Also, there is a difference in drone regulations between private and commercial companies flying a drone. Contact us to get to know more about Dutch drone regulations or have a look at the Dutch CTR map where you can see all the Dutch no-fly zones for drones.

CTR zones – Drone no-fly zones

To know where you can or can’t fly a drone in the Netherlands it’s best to check the CTR map of the Netherlands. The map is indicated by the no-fly zones for drones including the reason why and who to contact for a possible exception. Most of the time the reason is an airport of Helipad from a nearby hospital. The airport could be a big airport like Schiphol but also a local small glider airport. Check the Dutch drone no-fly zone map here.

Drone ROC en ROC-Light

In the regulation of drones, the weight of the drone is really important. This is indicated by a ROC and ROC-Light. The ROC-light drones are drones with a weight of fewer than 4 kilograms. The ROC drones are drones that weigh more than 4 kilograms.

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