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360 degrees VR DRONE productions

The ultimate 8K resolution 360 drone VR experience

Are you in need of 360 degrees aerial footage? At Kiwi Aerial Shots we can deliver this content as we are an Aerial specialist working with the latest 360 VR camera’s. We can make the images using our certified drones but we can also mount our 360VR camera underneath a helicopter. The footage can be used for a 360 degrees social media video or a unique virtual tour!

360 graden VR drone opnames

360 cameras

Cameras for 360 VR:

– Insta 360 Pro 2

– GoPro Fusion 360

– Obsidian R

matrice600 and insta360Pro

360 drones

Drones for 360-degree recordings:

> Inspire 2

> X8 Heavy lifter

> DJI Matrice 600

Amsterdam aerial 360 animation


Onze 360-graden service:

> Stichting and stabilizing

> Logos en animations

> Sky replacement

360-degrees drone technics

A 360 degrees camera films with multiple cameras at the same time the surrounding it is in. By hanging the camera underneath one of our drones we can offer a Virtual reality experience from a bird’s eye view! To hang this professional 360 degrees camera underneath our drone we build a special rig. This rig is long enough to get enough distance between the VR camera and the drone so the drone can be easily eliminated in post-production. Also because of this rig we have to catch the drone when landing. This is done by our camera operator that works closely with our certified pilot.

360 DRONE Footage

Professional 360 degrees VR camera's

The cameras we use for our VR recordings are professional high-end camera’s and have 2 to 6 lenses. The individual recordings are stitched together with special software to become perfect looking 360 degrees photos or videos. Depending on the resolution of the camera this stitching takes place in the camera or has to be done in post-production.

Let us know if you want more information about the different cameras we use or the post-production options we have to offer. Contact us here.

360 Insta pro 2 VR

Insta 360 Pro 2

– 8K 360 VR footage
– h264/h265/prores Codec/
– 1.5 kg
– FlowState stabilization
– Live monitoring

Kandao Obsidian R

Obsidian R

– 7.6K 360 footage
– h264 Codec
– 1.1 kg
– 60 min battery time
– Internal gyro

GoPro fusion

GoPro Fusion 360

– 5.2K 360 VR footage
– h264 Codec
– 200 g
– 60 min battery time
– Internal gyro

360 VR Post-production

Next to making the 360 aerials we also offer post-production service for VR footage. We can deliver a complete 360 video incl. audio, animation, color correction, sky replacement, and logos. The post-production of 360 VR footage requires lots of professional knowledge and computer power for 8K material.

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RAW 360 VR drone footage, look around!

360 aerials from underneath the helicopter

We also deliver 360 VR content from underneath a helicopter. This gives us the possibility to fly faster and higher than we are able with our drones. It can also be needed because the drones are restricted from the area needed like for example the airspace above big cities like Amsterdam and Rotterdam. This 360 degrees VR service from underneath a helicopter is a unique service only Kiwi Aerial Shots can provide. Let us know if you are interested so we can tell you everything and record your unique 360 footage!

STB-copter cockpit
360 VR heli shoot Insta Pro 2

22K aerial footage

At Kiwi Aerial Shots we are always pushing the limits trying new possibilities. Because of this, we are asked frequently to come up with some custom solutions and build new rigs and setups. One of the latest requests we received was to build a 24K 310 degrees setup for underneath a helicopter. As we love challenges we build the rig and after a few tests and modifications, it was ready to go!

VR glasses vs Social media

The 360VR footage we make can be used on VR glasses like the Oculus but can also be uploaded on social media like Facebook. When using the VR glasses the user can actually look around and be truly emerged in a VR environment.  On social media the user can look around by using their mouse (PC) or scrolling their finger (mobile). The possibilities are endless and all make an active user from a passive observer.

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