Dutch 360 degrees drone company

Professional 360-degrees drone shots in 8K resolution.

Are you in need of 360 degrees aerial footage? Kiwi Aerial Shots is a Dutch 360 degrees drone company and we can deliver VR content as we are an Aerial specialist working with the latest 360 VR cameras. We can make the images using our certified drones but we can also mount our 360VR camera underneath a helicopter. The footage can be used for a 360 degrees social media video or a unique virtual tour!

360 degrees drone shots

We use our heavy-lift drone the Matrice600 fro making 360 degrees Aerial shots. We developed a 1,5 meter long rig so the camera is lower underneath the drone. this makes the drone smaller so less sky-replacement!

360 VR from a helicopter

We can also deliver 360 VR film footage from a helicopter. The difference with using a drone is we can film higher in the air, make llonger flight paths for example above cities, airports and off shore windfarms.

CUSTOM VR Helicopter rig

In our workshop in Amsterdam we are always working on new custom projects like self build drones and camera rigs. We also build this RED MONSTRO RIG for 310 degrees footage in 22K resolution!

360-degrees drone technics


A 360 degrees camera films with multiple cameras at the same time the surrounding it is in. By hanging the camera underneath one of our drones we can offer a Virtual reality experience from a bird’s eye view! To hang this professional 360 degrees camera underneath our drone we build a special rig. This rig is long enough to get enough distance between the VR camera and the drone so the drone can be easily eliminated in post-production. Also because of this rig we have to catch the drone when landing. This is done by our Dutch camera operators that work closely with our certified drone and pilot.


360 content for all sorts of applications

The VR footage we make with our cameras is suitable for both VR glasses as an Oculus but can also be used for 360 social media platforms. Our 360 footage is even used in enormous projections in crazy rides in amusement parks. depending on the application and the subject we can choose to film 360 panoramas or 360 3D. If we film more close to a subject and the footage is being used through a VR Goggle we advice filming in 3D. When filming 360 with our drone Panorama is often good as we have a lot of distance from our subject. Let us know about your 360 VR production, what the subject is and on what platform it is being used so we can advice you regarding the best 360 camera settings.


360 video from underneath a helicopter


At Kiwi Aerial Shots we can make you 360 degrees aerial footage from underneath a helicopter. A helicopter gives us the possibility to fly higher and faster than a drone and fly in airspaces it’s hard to get permission for our drones. Examples of these are the city center of big cities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam or even above civilian airports. 360 Vr from underneath a helicopter is an exclusive services only Kiwi Aerial Shots can offer!

Play Video
Play Video

360 experience at Pampus

This amazing 360-degrees helicopter shots can only be seen at the VR experience at Pampus island itself.


We build a helicopter rig for 3 RED MONSTRO's for 310 degrees footage in 22K resolution
Gateway Netherlands 360 drone portfolio
Play Video about 360 VR drone portfolio
360 drone portfolio
Play Video about 360 drone portfolio

Professional 360 degrees VR cameras

Multiple VR camera options or a multi cam array setups

The cameras we use for our VR recordings are professional high-end camera’s and have 2 to 6 lenses. The individual recordings are stitched together with special software to become perfect looking 360 degrees photos or videos. Depending on the resolution of the camera this stitching takes place in the camera or has to be done in post-production.

Let us know if you want more information about the different cameras we use or the post-production options we have to offer. Contact us here.

Insta 360 pro 2 camera

Insta 360 Pro 2

– 8K 360 VR footage
– h264/h265/prores Codec/
– 1.5 kg
– FlowState stabilization
– Live monitoring

Custom build Drones

Multi cam array

– 310 degrees angle
– RED Codec
– 22K resolution
– helicopter Cineflex mount
– Custom build by Kiwi

Insta 360 Titan camera

Insta 360 TITAN

– 11K 360 footage
– h264 Codec
– 5.5 kg
– Livestream in 6K
– Internal gyro

360 RC-BUGGY Production

Fast or slow moving indoor 360 shots

360 Buggy opnames
360 VR tour opnames met Buggy

Some locations are just not suitable for a big heavy-lift drone to make 360 VR footage. Next to that, indoors it’s harder to use sky-replacement as a lot of things are happening on the roof and way less on the ground. That’s why we also offer a 360 VR RC Buggy. This setup is perfect for these situations! We used it many times in factory 360 tours and for a Rijksmuseum tour where it was an absolute NoGo to fly a drone next to the most expensive art work in the world.

360-degrees drone photography

360 photography for a online virtual tour

With different drones and cameras, we can also provide in high-resolution 360-degrees photography. These 360 pictures can be used for all kinds of purposes and one of them is a 360 VR drone tour like the one above from the Dutch city Delft. The 360 VR photos can be made with our DJI Inspire 2 drone and X5s or X7 camera but to get the maximum result we can also do this with a DSLR camera underneath one of our bigger drones like the Matrice600. These 360-degrees VR photographs are a great way to show people around in a City, amusement park, or another interesting area!

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