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Kiwi Aerial Shots is an Amsterdam based professional drone film production company with over eight years of drone experience in the field. We only work with passionate people that love working in the film industry. We have broad technical knowledge of drones and a professional team of certified drone pilots and camera operators. For this reason, we are able to set up a complete production next to the drone and helicopter services that we provide. In the past years, we have built a portfolio to be proud of and a set team of drone pilots, camera operators, technical engineers and a marketer who all are the best in the field.

Kim Hoogervorst

Kim is the founder of Kiwi Aerial Shots and the driving force behind the company. He has flown in the most extreme conditions and has a unique view on how to get the best shot.

Tom van Oijen

Operator and producer
Tom is a camera operator and all-round project manager of Kiwi. Always looking for new challenging assignments and managing the company so we can keep on pushing!

Thomas te Braake

RPA-L pilot
Thomas is one of our certified pilots with years of experience in both the film industry as well as industrial inspections.

Storm van Eersel

Camera & Electrotechnics
Started as an intern and now working as a camera operator and electrotechnical specialist.

Tomas van Harten

Camera operator & Editor
Tomas is a camera operator with lots's of experience using high-end camera equipment. He also is a specialist in color grading and editing.

Stefan Jansen

Drone pilot and Camera operator
A great all-round camera operator and has experience with almost every drone out there.

Francisco J. Martinez

Professional photographer with global experience. His specialty is to take photos of superyachts, most favorable from a helicopter.

Lodwijk van Olffen

Post-production and animation
Lodewijk is a master in Adobe after effects and adding extra information through animations in our videos.

Dutch Drone regulations, certificats and insurances

The Dutch drone regulations are constantly changing and not always as clear as one would want them to be. At Kiwi we are always up to date about the latest Dutch drone laws and we know exactly what’s possible or where to get the needed permissions. Both our drones and pilots are fully certified and because we work with our own RPA-L certified drone pilots we have access to parts of the airspace that are forbidden for others. Next to all the needed certificates and licenses, both our company as well our own people are fully insured. This affirms a peace of mind on every film location.

Working globally

Eight years of experience

We were filming with drones before most people ever heard of the word drone. To make this happen we built our own drones or the so-called octocopter. This gave us valuable technical knowledge that we still use up to this day building custom drones and film production equipment in our workshop. Our latest invention is a 1800W LED light that we can fly under an Inspire 2. You can read more about this unique drone lighting system you can read on this page. More information about our cameras and lenses are on our Technics page.

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