Are you looking for a fully European Dutch drone company that can make drone shots in Amsterdam? We are Kiwi Aerial Shots, an Amsterdam-based drone company with all the certifications and drone specialists you need for your Amsterdam aerial shots. We have 12 years of experience flying our drones in Amsterdam for big film productions, TV commercials, Netflix series, and corporate videos. We fly the Inspire 3, FPV drones, and Heavy-lifters for camera setups like ARRI and RED. We can tell you everything about the drone regulations in Amsterdam and will arrange all permits for your professional Aerial Shots in Amsterdam. You can contact us through our Contact page.

Drone opnames Amsterdam
Drone opnames Amsterdam

Fully certified drone company from Amsterdam

Certified professional Drone shots from Amsterdam

Kiwi Aerial Shots is an Amsterdam-based drone company that can arrange your aerial shots from A to Z. We are a fully SPECIFIC certified drone company with an approved EASA operational manual. With these papers, we can fly our drones in the city center of Amsterdam for your film production. We have to apply for our drone flights 5 days in advance with our national airport Schiphol. On sight, we have to work with a so-called RT-operator., This is an additional certified person from our drone team who is in direct contact with Air traffic control. This is done through a radio and a 10m high antenna. We also inform the local authorities about our drone production in Amsterdam so we are not bothered during the shoot. We can tell you all about our drone services and regulations when we know where in the city and what you want to film. If you want we can of course share our experience of all the beautiful film locations in Amsterdam.

Drone bedrijf Amsterdam

12 years of experience with flying drones in Amsterdam

drone opnames Amsterdam centraal station

Drones and Cameras


In Amsterdam, we can fly all sorts of drones and at Kiwi Aerial Shots we have a workshop full of different types of professional equipment for all kinds of productions.

One of the drones we use most in Amsterdam is the DJI Inspire 3 with X9 camera. This drone gives us a fast workflow and is relatively safe to fly as it is “only” 4KG. The X9 camera offers full-frame sensor for 8K footage in 25fps. We can film in ProressRAW, CinemaDNG or H264. this camera comes with all the lenses possible which are the 18, 24, 35 and 50mm. read more about our Inspire drone services on our Dutch drone service page.


When a bigger film production comes to Amsterdam we often fly our Condor Heavy-lift drone. This is a drone like the Alta-X but more sufficient for the European market. This has to do with the maximum take-off weight we can fly in Europe, namely 25KG. Our Condor drone flies the Ronin 2 pro and we usually fly our own ARRI Alexa MINI which is completely insured through us. With this drone and camera we can fly the bigger cinema PRIME lenses. read more about these specific drone services on our ARRI Alexa drone page.


At Kiwi Aerial Shots we also have our FPV specialists for professional FPV drone shots in Amsterdam. We fly the naked  Gopro 12, Black Magic, a Freefly Ember setup, or our FPV with Zenmuse X7 gimbal setup. Our FPV drone teams in Amsterdam always come in a team of three. A certified FPV drone pilot, a spotter, and the RT operator for direct contact with air traffic control. More info about these drones can be found on our FPV drone service page.


As we are a professional drone company we come with a bit more equipment than just our drones. We arrange the whole drone production in Amsterdam, from certification to contacting local authorities. next to the drone we film with we always bring a full backup set, drone, and camera, so we are sure we can finish the production, whatever happens. We bring a 21″ monitor plus a 7″ wireless monitor for the director and DoP. We have 4 headsets for communication between our team and the 1AD and in our own Kiwi van we can charge endlessly so we can keep on making awesome drone shots.




As an Amsterdam-based drone company, we have been filming in Amsterdam for more than 12 years. We know all locations, we can show you great portfolio examples and love to think with you about what locations work best. We have been filming at the Museumplein, de Dam, Amsterdam Central Station, Amsterdam Arena Ajax football stadium and the Olympic stadium many times. Below you can see a small summary of a selection of the drone shoots we did in Amsterdam plus some portfolio items. Check our drone portfolio page for more info or let us know what locations you have in mind and if you have any questions bout them.

  • NETFLIX series South Korea – Amsterdamse red light distric
  • BUDWEISER commercial – DE DAM Amsterdam
  • PLAYSTATION 5 release – ADAM Toren
  • MX3D – NDSM
  • Volkswagen commercial – Zuid-As business district
  • Rabobank commercial – rooftop of Amsterdam RAI
  • Mitsubishi commercial – parking roof RAI Amsterdam
  • VIKING CRUISE – Amsterdam Cruise terminal
  • Dura Vermeer – Amsterdam Arena soccer stadium
  • EUFA – Amsterdam Arena
  • OHRA commercial – Zaandam
  • CUPRA car Commercial – Amsterdam Arena
  • ADIDAS – Bijlmer
  • And many more!
Play Video about FPV drone team

FPV drone shoot for Mitsubishi on the roof of Amsterdam Rai

Play Video about Dura Vermeer drone portfolio

DJI Inspire shoot in Amsterdam for Dura vermeer

Play Video about Drone nachtopnames portfolio

Night Shoot in Amsterdam for Playstation 5 release at ADAM tower

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Let us know if you are looking for a professional Amsterdam drone company that knows the capital city and has all the certifications to fly professional drones. We have al the specialists, knowledge, certifications, and equipment to make your aerial filming in Amsterdam a success!