If you are looking for a certified drone company that can make amazing indoor drone tours you have come to the right place. We are Kiwi Aerial Shots, a certified Dutch drone company fro Amsterdam and we have been making indoor drone tours for several years. We fly our smallest FPV drones through restaurants, hotels, museums, offices and other commercial spaces for a unique indoor drone tour! We can do a one-take shot through the whole building and, or make a snappy edit going from one room to another. Let us know what you are looking for and we can tell you all about our indoor drone tour possibilities.

Flying through your office, hotel or storage room.

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"Professional indoor drone production, from concept to final edit"

We have been flying our drones for the past 13 years! This makes us a reliable partner when it comes to drone technique, creative input, professional gear, and getting you the best drone pilot for the job. We can operate in small drone teams keeping the production as simple as possible up to a big production with scripted drone routes, involved actors/ personnel, and a big team with directors and producers on set.


You can always contact us to ask us anything regarding your indoor drone tour video production. You can find our contact details on the footer of this page or on the contact page. You can also simply fill in the contact form.

GoPro indoor drone
FPV drone piloot indoor drone tour


Depending on the drone shots we want to make we determine which camera and therefore which drone we need. Most indoor drone tours are made flying a small FPV drone carrying a naked GoPro 12 camera. The drone pilot flies these drones wearing FPV glasses. This way, the pilot can fly the drone as if he is sitting in the drone itself. This gives the possibility to fly through narrow spaces, near people, and around corners which gives that ultimate indoor drone tour feeling. The drone has ducted fans, which means that the props have rings around them so when we hit a person, he or she won’t be hurt.

next to our main indoor drone we always bring a backup drone, multiple batteries so we can fly endlessly, a charger, a 21″ monitor for the client, and headsets so we can all communicate even when we are far apart.



A good well well-organized preparation is everything when it comes to an indoor drone production. This is the case when filming a festival, an office building, or a museum. If possible we would like to do a recce, which means a location visit to see what we can expect. We want to determine which areas we need to fly, if we can make interesting flight paths through everything, and which part of the day we want to film in what room, keeping the location of the sun in mind.

What are the exact wishes of the shoot? Are people involved? Do we insert animations? What is it we want to show in this indoor tour, what is the purpose of the tour, and who and on on what platform will the drone tour be shown when it’s done?

Safety is also an issue when it comes to prepping a indoor drone video. We don’t want to miss any cables or other instructions that the pilot can miss during the shoot. This is also the reason we always come in a team of at least two people. Next to the pilot, we bring a producer who also acts as a spotter. he or she can look out for unexpected external risks when the pilot who is wearing his FPV goggle is performing the flight.



Production day

We often like to start early as we need some time to prep our drone equipment on sight and as the sunlight is often best in the early morning. before we start, we always inform everyone around that a drone will be flying by soon. We always make a test flight first, so curious people can look at the drone when passing by. Something we don’t want in the video itself so performing a test-flight can tackle people looking into the camera. We also want to test signal strength of the controls of the drone. This is only needed when we fly big drone tours going from one room to another and more walls and other obstructions can block the drone signal.

We will need around 30 minutes before we can start. We always bring a Addicam camera car for all the equipment.


After filming the indoor drone tour post-production starts. We stabilise the FPV drone shots, pick the best shots of the day and make a rough edit with some inspiring music in the background. After the feedback we get from you, we will make the adjustments and add a color correction.  If needed we add the discussed animations to the video and at the end we will send you the final edit in different resolutions for different purposes.

"KIWI AERIAL SHOTS: 13 years of indoor drone experience and a fully certified Dutch drone company


When it comes to drone regulations when flying a drone indoor it’s simple, there are no regulations. All Dutch drone regulations for small drones  are made for outdoor drone flights. Some indoor drone tours do actually start outside, flying through the front door. No problem for us as we are a fully certified drone Dutch drone company. We have our SPECIFIC certificate so we can even fly our drones in Amsterdam, Rotterdam or near our international airport Schiphol.

But although there are no drone regulations for indoor drone flights, we do want to make sure the flight is performed 100% safely. That’s why we only work with experienced professional drone pilots with tons of indoor drone experience. Our indoor drones also have ducted fans which means the props are protected and we can not hurt anyone in case we fly to close to a person. The indoor drone itself is around 250 grams so also really lightweight so no one will get hurt when an accident occurs.


Contact us for your indoor drone video, we like to make it epic!

Let us know if you have any questions regarding your indoor drone tour. We are a Dutch drone company but we fly our drones all around the world! You can contact us through the contact form below or just give us a call. you can find our contact details in the footer of this website or on the contact page. Talk to you soon!

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