360 degrees VR Aerial filming

8K aerial shots with a drone or helicopter

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Let us know if you are looking for a Dutch drone company to get you unique 360 degrees aerial shots. We have years of experience in making 360 VR footage from underneath our certified drones or underneath a helicopter.


Kiwi Aerial Shots made lots of 360 degrees VR shots in the last couple of years. We do this with a 360 camera with which we can film footage up to 8K. We mainly do this by using our certified drones but it is also possible from underneath a helicopter. When choosing for the helicopter this mainly has to do with the location of the shoot and the desired hight we need to film. During our last 360 degrees shoot in the beginning of November 2018 we used our Insta 360 pro 2 with which we filmed above and around Amsterdam and made some awesome 360 footage.

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360 degrees VR cameras

Depending on the resolution that is used in the whole project we’ll decide on what camera we need to use. Using a heavier camera like the Insta360 Titan of Insta360 pro 2 also means we’ll use a bigger drone like the m600 to fly it. For the smaller cameras like the GoPro fusion 360, we use our inspire 2 drones.

During this writing, we are working on a system flying multiple RED cameras to create a 360 sphere. This however will take several months to develop but will have an amazing end result!

Dutch Insta 360 pro Titan camera

What to be aware of

When using a drone for 360 content creation, the drone will be in the frame. Using a long pole between the drone and the camera causes the drone to be smaller in the sphere making it easier to polish out in post-production. This is done by so-called Sky-replacement using a photo or video frames where the drone is not in the shot.

Shooting 360 footage indoors brings up some totally new problems as replacing the drone with a sky replacement is not an option. This is because the perspective of the ceiling changes and is difficult to fix in post. This can be fixed by placing a separate camera on top and sync it to the bottom camera. This way we create a clean view to the top. Stitching the two camera’s tighter can be quite difficult as the drone is in between and thus the perspective is a bit different.

360 vr drone opnames met TITAN camera

360 degrees footage from underneath a helicopter

Shooting 360 content out of a helicopter is quite hard, but definitely possible! The biggest advantage is that we can film above locations we are not allowed to film with a drone, like the city centre of Amsterdam. What makes things difficult shooting from a helicopter is the vibrations from the helicopter itself. Also, the Sky-replacement is a bit of a bigger deal as a helicopter is a lot bigger than a drone. therefore we have to hang the camera as low as possible underneath the heli.  We worked on multiple helicopter shoots and managed to get really good results using our self made rigs.

360 VR heli shoot Insta Pro 2

360 post-production, be patient....

360 Postproduction can be quite a challenge for computers as the content has a high resolution. We offer stitching, stabilizing and editing of the content we shot. In general, a few days of stitching is needed for a one day shoot of 8k of 360 content. 

Dutch 360 VR drone company


If you want more information about our 360 VR aerial services? let us know by contacting us through the contact details below. On our 360 VR service page, you can read even more about this subject and some of our portfolio examples.