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If it doesn't exist, we will build it ourselves

Even the best professional equipment doesn’t always meet our demands or the wishes of the DoP. Kiwi Aerial Shots provides a technical custom building service to realize groundbreaking cinematography projects.

Below you can find some of the custom projects we did in the last couple of years. From foldable heavy-lift payload drones to 22K helicopter rigs. For us, nothing seems impossible and if it doesn’t exist, we will build it ourselves!



It was the end of 2018 when we had a meeting with the film company Postpanic. They were working on a production and needed high resolution, 300 degrees aerials on some of the challengest airspaces of the Netherlands. We went to the drawing board and came up with two camera rigs for 3 RED MONSTRO’s for a total of 22K resolution in a 310 degrees angle.

Design and drawing

Kim working in the Kiwi Workshop in Amsterdam. here we have most of the needed equipment to build the most technical challenges.


To get 22K resolution we used three 8K RED MONSTRO's. Because of the overlap, it's 22K that remains, more than enough we would say.

LOW altitude helicopter shots

Together with HeliAir we got the exemptions for low aerial filming in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. We got to get as low as 10 meters in the city center of Rotterdam!

vertical rig

To get the aerials of 3 meters above the water we build another 22K RED rig. this vertical version was hanged on a crane on a Rib boat.

vertical rig boat

With this setup, we crossed the canals in high speeds of Amsterdam and Rotterdam.


Other custom projects

Below you can find a portfolio of custom build projects we worked on. from designing the equipment, building it and even operating it on set, we love to be part of the whole production providing our technical knowledge.

Kim making technical drawings in the workshop

Car-2-Car rig

Foldable heavy lift drone for productions abroad

OUR X8 Pro 2 drone with 30KG take off weight


1800W - 163.000L DRONE LED lighting system

LED lighting pagina

Working Coffee drone for TV commercial

Ignition special effect for Mitsubishi TVC

our own milling machine in our workshop

1800W handheld LED lighting system

LED lighting pagina

Insta 360 Pro 2 camera rig for our Matrice600

360 luchtopnames pagina

one of the drawing of the 22K RED Monstro Rig

Low altitude helicopter shots with our 22K MONSTRO RIG

Small helicopter rig for 8K VR footage from underneath a helicopter

our 22K RED MONSTRO helicopter rig

Vertical 22K RED MONSTRO rig

Kiwi X8 Pro 1 storm drone for 8kg payloads

our 1800W LED light used on a tripod

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