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We have all kinds of certified drones that come with EASA certified pilots. We have drone teams that have been working together for over 12 years so we know we can realize your professional aerial shots.

Corporate video or Blockbuster

We have more than ten years of drone experience working on small corporate productions up to big full-scale video productions for commercials and full feature films.

Kiwi drone services
More than 12 years of experience

Kiwi Aerial Shots can give you high-end drone shots with experienced drone teams and professional and fully certified drones.

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Dutch drone team in Amsterdam and Rotterdam

We are a fully certified Dutch drone team which can offer drone aerial Shots in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, next to Schiphol Airport and in our big international harbor The Maasvlakte

Drone shots
Dutch certified pilots

We only work with fully certified pilots that can operate a drone in both the European OPEN and specific categories. Safety is number one when it comes to our drone productions so we always operate through the guidelines of our European drone manual.

Professional equipment

Onze ervaren drone teams werken enkel met de nieuwste en beste drone apparatuur. Afhankelijk van uw wensen kiezen wij de drone die de camera voor uw video productie kan vliegen. Van DJI tot Sony en van ARRI Alexa tot RED camera.

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Kiwi Aerial Shots, the Nr. 1 Dutch renowned drone company

Our certified pilots have 13 years of experience flying certified drones up to 25KG. This means we can fly camera setups like the ARRI Alexa Mini, RED, or any camera setup up to 11KG. Our drone productions are always carried out by our own experienced camera operators and for the big productions, we will come with a focus puller and extra drone assistant. 

Check our Kiwi ABOUT page to learn more about our teams and check our drone and camera page to see our certified drones and possible camera setups.



For the bigger drone productions where the DoP wants to fly the same camera as used for the rest of the production we fly our Heavy-lift drone the Condor. A custom build drone better than the Freefly Alta X as it is focussed on European drone regulations. We fly our own Arri Alexa Mini or any other high-end camera body.


At Kiwi we have two DJI Inspire 3 drones and two X9 cameras. this way we can always bring a backup drone. We have alle the possible lenses from 18mm up to 50mm and have a wireless monitor for the client, director or DoP.


We fly al kinds of FPV drone setups, in tune with the rest of the production regarding budget and needed image quality. We fly the small Cinewhoop FPV drones with Naked GoPro 12 up the the bigger FPV drones for the Freefly Ember for 4K footage in 800 FPS!
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Dutch drone regulations 2024

The Netherlands has some strict regulations when it comes to drone rules and laws. At kiwi Aerial Shots, we are fully certified, both the company itself, our drones, and the pilots we work with have all the needed papers to fly at any location in the Netherlands, even at night!

This means we can make drone shots in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, offshore and at the Maasvlakte harbour without any problems.

Let us know if you want to know more about the Dutch drone regulations 2023. We know everything about the European drone legislation and can tell you exactly what’s possible or not.


Dutch drone portfolio

Corporate videos, commercials or foreign productions

Dutch FPV drone company
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A professional Dutch drone company for all your drone services!

Let us know if you are looking for more information about our services, or general possibilities to fly a drone in the Netherlands. You can contact us through the form below or call us directly.

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