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At Kiwi we’ve always invested in the best professional drones and cameras. And if it’s not on the market, we will build it ourselves, in our workshop at the NDSM in Amsterdam. This way we are able to film with a RED or Alexa camera below a storm drone in some of the heaviest weather conditions. We only work with fully certified drones and we will always bring a backup drone so we can ensure that the needed aerial shots are made. On this page, you can read about all the Kiwi equipment options to match your production and needs. This way we can always get the perfect shot: that’s why we are here, that’s our mission!

drone video services


> Inspire 2

> Inspire 1

> X8 Heavy Lifter

> DJI Matrice 600

dji camera x7


> DJI X5s and DJI X7 

> RED Raven (Dragon sensor)

> ARRI Alexa Mini

> Multiple 360 VR camara’s

1800W LED Light


> Car Rigs

> Drones

> Gimbals

> 1800W (drone) LED verlichting

Our drones

More than 8 (back-up) drones for all kinds of productions

We have knowledge of all types of drones. We also gained lot’s of technical knowledge by building our own drones before they were on the market. These days we still fly with our own X8 octocopter but also with a DJI Matrice 600. With these, we can fly an ARRI Alexa or RED camera. At Kiwi Aerial Shots we only work with fully certified drones and we always bring an extra back up drone so we can ensure the needed aerial shots.


– 5.2K
– 2 operators
– 100km/h
– Prores 4444 & Cinema DNG (60fps max)
– H264/H265 proxy 100mbit/s (120fps max)
– Stormdrone (7-8 beaufort)

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DJI Matrice 600

– For RED and ARRI Alexa camera
– Suitable for Cinema lenses
– 2 operators
– 9KG payload
– 70kmpu and 16 min airtime
– Gremsy H16 gimball

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– For RED and ARRI Alexa camera
– Suitable for Cinema lenses
– 2 operators
– 6KG payload
– 100kmpu amd 15 min airtime
– Storm drone (beasufort 7/8)

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– 4K
– 360 degrees VR recording
– H264 (60mbit/s)
– HD Video downlink (750m)
– 20mm up to 100mm lens keuze
– Quadcopter

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– Over 163.000 Lumen
– 97 CRI
– 2 operators
– 80 km/h
– 12 min airtime per battery set

More info about drone lighting


To ensure 100% certainty that we can deliver on every film set we always bring a comparable backup drone. This way we can always deliver the professional footage we promise to deliver.

Camera's en Lenses

The choice of a particular camera or lens is crucial for the final image we make. That’s why at Kiwi Aerial Shots, we have been working with the best equipment from the very beginning and always keep up to date with the latest updates. For our drone shots we pick the X7 or X5s camera when we work with our Inspire 2 drone. For the bigger productions, we fly with our X8 octocopter or DJI Matrice 600 so we can work with our RED Raven, ARRI Alexa Mini or any other camera of your choice.

We also offer VR 360 degrees drone options. You can read more about this specific service on our VR drone page.


– 4K UHD
– Up to 200 fps
– 14.0+ stops dynamic range
– ArriRAW / Proress
– 35mm Sensor

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RED Raven camera

– 4.5k
– 120fps
– 2k 240fps
– REDRAW codec
– 16.5 dynamic range

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Gremsy H16

– Advanced stabilization
– Payload up to 7.25 KG
– Suitable for RED and Alexa camera’s
– Suitable for cinema Lenses
-3-Axis Camera Stabilizer

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– 4K up to 6K
– 12.8 up to 14.0 stops dynamic range
– Prores 4444
– Cinema DNG
– M4/3 – Super 35 sensor

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360 VR camera

– VR video and photos for Virtual Tours
– Up to 8K VR video quality
– Obsidian R camera
– Insta 360 Pro 2
– GoPro Fusion

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On request

– Our bigger drones like the Matrice 600 offer a wide variety of camera options. We would love to hear which camera you need for you Aerial production so we can tell you our related options.

Custom is King

RAW video at a high resolution makes sure that the footage we shoot fits with the rest of the production. The recording formats we use are R3D, Prores 4444 or Cinema DNG. Resolutions up to 6K are possible.

Other Kiwi equipment

Next to the certified drones and cameras above Kiwi Aerial Shots also offers other services and product we would like to mention. Such as our helicopter cameraman services, our Steadycam option and our self-developed LED lighting system that offers lots of unique possibilities because its lightweight and relatively small.

Kiwi LED light

– In our Kiwi workshop we have developed an unique LED lighting system that we can deplay hand held or put underneath a drone. Read more about this 1800W LED system on our lighting page.

Cineflex Elite

– At kiwi we also offer the option to film from a helicopter. We can do this the handheld way or with a Gimball. Or with a GSS or Cineflex Elite system. More info you can find on our helicopter page.

Steady cam

– We use the Ronin MX Steady cam on our Matrice 600 drone or as a handheld option for our complete video production services. Read more about this service on our corporate video page.

Kiwi Car Rig

– Our self-developed Car Rig gives us the opportunity to work with lenses up to 200mm and drive up to 80 kmph. Contact us to get more specific technical information about our Car rig.


Custom is King

At Kiwi we have lot’s of knowledge and experience in developing and building our own drones, custom video production equipment and small special effects. This comes in handy for productions that push the boundaries and need specialized technics. This technical knowledge comes from our education and experience in building and flying our self-build drones at a time the consumer drones did not exist yet. Next to drones we also build custom car-rigs and gimbal setups. For example for (360 VR) helicopter and car to car shots.

Below you can see some of our more known custom projects. The Coffee drone was an assignment of the Ministry of defence. They needed a flying drone with a coffee grinder and working milk foamer that could actually deliver a cup of coffee. The flames you see are the ignition of a Mitsubishi engine, build for one of there commercials. Moving images of both effects you can see on our portfolio page. At the moment we are also working on a revolutionary new product, a game changer in LED lighting that we can use underneath our drones. Read about it on our LED lighting page.


We love to help out with our drone and other custom services. Contact us if you have any questions regarding our drone, camera and or lens options or if you have a unique custom request. We love those, that’s why we have our own workshop!

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