Professional Aerial cinematography equipment


High-end drone equipment for film productions

At Kiwi we always try to innovate whenever possible. We’ve built most of our drones in-house as we think knowing our equipment is key when flying a professional camera setup with Alexa mini or RED cameras. As innovation is our passion we were lucky enough to serve our clients with a great range of self-built drones and camera rigs.

On this page, you can read all about the Kiwi drones, cameras and custom options to match your production.

Certified drones

Always a backup drone and camera | Payloads up to 13,5KG

– Heavy-lift drone, flying 25KG
– For heavy ARRI and RED setups
– 13.5KG payload
– 85 kmph and 12 min Airtime
– Easy workflow on set

– DJI Zenmuse X9
– 18, 24, 35, 50mm lenses
– Resolution 8K 75fps
– 30 min airtime
– Storm drone (Force 7/8)

– Geschikt voor GoPro, BMPC & Komodo
– Up to 150 km per hour.
– 10 min airtime
– monitor options
– Livestream options

– More than 163.000 Lumen
– 97 CRI
– 80 km/h
– 12 min airtime per set

– Suitable for DJI X5s and X7
– Lenses from 15mm to 90mm
– Prores4444 & Cinema DNG (60fps max)
– H264/H265 proxy 100mbit/s (120fps max)
– Stormdrone 100km/h (7-8 beaufort)

– Suited for RED and the ARRI Alexa Mini
– Cinema lenses & follow focus
– 6KG payload
– 70kmpu and 16 min airtime
– Gremsy H16 gimball

Kiwi Cameras

ARRI Alexa mini, DJI and 360VR CAMERAS

Because every production is different we offer a wide range of drones to fit all aerial requests. We have drones capable of flying a ARRI or RED camera as well as two Inspire 3 drones with the X9 camera. For the X9 camera, we offer all available lenses in the package. Depending on the setup when flying a cinema camera we can lift around 3-4kg of lens weight. The total camera package has a maximum of 8kg. This is without the gimbal. For stabilizing the camera we use the Ronin 2 or Gremsy H16. The gimbal weight is between 2.5 and 3 kg.

– 4K UHD
– Up to 200 fps
– 14.0+ stops dynamic range
– ArriRAW / Proress
– Cinema lenses
– 35mm Sensor

– 4.5 -8K Resolution
– 120fps
– Cinema lenses
– 2k 240fps
– REDRAW codec
– 16.5 – 17.2 dynamic range

– 8K in 75fps
– Dynamic range of 14 stops
– Lenses 18mm up to 50mm
– ProresRAW
– Cinema DNG
– FullFrame sensor

– Resolution up to 6K
– Dynamic range of 14 stops
– Lenses 15mm t/m 90mm
– Prores 4444
– Cinema DNG
– Super 35 sensor

– 11K footage in 360 degrees
– Both video as photography
– 8 lenses
– Stereoscopic & Monoscopic options
– Farsight monitor

– 8K in 360 degrees
– Both video as photos
– 6 lenses
– Stereoscopic & Monoscopic
– Farsight monitor

Other Kiwi GEAR

GIMBAL, LED lighting system, Cineflex Elite & CAR-2-CAR setups

Next to the certified drones and cameras above Kiwi Aerial Shots also offers other services and product we would like to mention. Such as our helicopter cineflex services, our Steady-cam option and our self-developed LED lighting system that offers lots of unique possibilities as it is lightweight and relatively small.

We have this FPV drone with LED light on it to create unique lighting effects. Check this AUDI video where this drone is used: YouTube link


With this RC-Buggy, we can reach speeds over 100 km per hour! We can it up with camera setups like our ARRI, RED, a 360 VR camera, or our 1000W lighting system.

– Advanced stabilization
– Payload up to 14 KG
– Suitable for RED and Alexa
– Suitable for heavy cinema Lenses
– Fast workflow on set

At Kiwi Aerial Shots we also provide in helicopter aerial shots. We do this with a Cineflex system or GSS or a gimbal setup to film from the side. Check our helicopter service page for more info.


Our self-developed car rig makes it possible to make car-2-car shots with 120kmph and 75mm lenses. Check out some car rig shots here


Our self-developed car rig gives us the possibility to make shots at 90km/h on the highway with lenses up to 200mm.

– Advanced stabilization for smaller setups
– Payloads tot 7.25 KG
– Suitable for smaller cinema cameras
– Voor de lichtere cinema lenzen
– 3-Axis Camera Stabilizer

Eartec headset

We always bring four Eartec headsets to our productions. This way the drone team can communicate with each other and the DoP even if they are far apart and or there is a lot of noise.


We always bring a 21″ monitor + 7″ wireless DoP monitor. It shows the aerial shot so the director can give feedback while in the air.

– Our bigger drones like the X8 and Matrice600 offer a wide variety of camera options. We would love to hear which camera you need for your Aerial production so we can tell you our related options.

In our workshop in Amsterdam, we are always creating new custom gear for crazy video productions. There are no boundaries in your request so let us know what you need and we will build it like this unique working coffee drone.

This custom build helicopter rig contains 3 RED Monstro cameras for a 22K resolution in a 310-degrees angle.

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