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At Kiwi we understand that you always have to keep investing in the best professional drones and cameras. This way we have been ahead of the market for years and the only Dutch drone company that flys Cinema cameras with prime lenses. And if even the professional gear is not good enough for our needs, we will build or tweak it ourselves, in our workshop in Amsterdam. Our technical knowledge has been proven key in realizing the best shots for all kinds of productions.

On this page, you can read all about the Kiwi drones, cameras and custom options to match your production and needs. This way we can always get the perfect shot: that’s why we are here, that’s our mission!

drone video services

Kiwi drones

> Inspire 2

> Inspire 1

> X8 Heavy Lifter

> DJI Matrice 600



> DJI X5s and DJI X7 

> RED Raven (Dragon sensor)

> ARRI Alexa Mini

> Multiple 360 VR camaras

Custom Rig

custom build

> Helicopter and car-2-car rigs

> Special effects

> Custom coffee drone?

> 1800W (drone) LED lighting

Our drones

More than 8 (back-up) drones for all kinds of productions

We have knowledge of a really wide range of drones. We also gained lot’s of technical knowledge by building our own drones before they were on the market. These days we still fly with our own X8 octocopter but also with a DJI Matrice 600. With these, we can fly an ARRI Alexa Mini or RED camera. At Kiwi Aerial Shots we only work with fully certified drones and we always bring an extra back up drone so we can ensure the needed aerial shots.


– 5.2K footage
– 1 or 2 operators
– 100km/h
– Prores 4444 & Cinema DNG (60fps max)
– H264/H265 proxy 100mbit/s (120fps max)
– Stormdrone (7-8 beaufort)

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DJI Matrice 600

– For RED and ARRI Alexa Mini
– Suitable for Cinema lenses
– 2 operators
– 9KG payload
– 70kmpu and 16 min airtime
– Gremsy H16 gimball

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– For RED and ARRI Alexa Mini
– Suitable for Cinema lenses
– 2 operators
– 6KG payload
– 100kmpu amd 15 min airtime
– Storm drone (beasufort 7/8)

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– 4K
– 360 degrees VR recording
– H264 (60mbit/s)
– HD Video downlink (750m)
– 20mm up to 100mm lens keuze
– Quadcopter

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– Over 163.000 Lumen
– 97 CRI
– 2 operators
– 80 km/h
– 12 min airtime per battery set

More info about drone lighting


To ensure 100% certainty that we can deliver on every film set we always bring a comparable backup drone. This way we can always deliver the professional footage we promise to deliver.

DRONE-Camera's and Lenses

Cinema cameras, prime lenses and the DJI setup

To meet your desired production needs we offer the possibility to work with a wide range of cameras and lenses underneath our drones. Therefore we are the only Dutch drone company that flies the Arri Alexa Mini or RED cameras with prime lenses. Next to that we of course also offer the Inspire 2 drone with the regular used X5s or X7 camera. Let us know what your exact wishes are so we can bring the right lenses for the right shoot. Especially for the cinema cameras from RED or Arri it’s important to know what kind of shots we have to make as it is not always possible to fly the biggest setups in every condition or in high velocity. The speed of the drone can affect the stability of the bigger setups and therefore we sometimes recommend to pick a smaller prime lens.


– 4K UHD
– Up to 200 fps
– 14.0+ stops dynamic range
– ArriRAW / Proress
– 35mm Sensor

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RED Raven camera

– 4.5k
– 120fps
– 2k 240fps
– REDRAW codec
– 16.5 dynamic range

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Gremsy H16 Gimball

– Advanced stabilization
– Payload up to 7.25 KG
– Suitable for RED and Alexa camera’s
– Suitable for cinema Lenses
-3-Axis Camera Stabilizer

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– 4K up to 6K
– 12.8 up to 14.0 stops dynamic range
– Prores 4444
– Cinema DNG
– M4/3 – Super 35 sensor

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360 VR camera

– VR video and photos for Virtual Tours
– Up to 8K VR video quality
– Obsidian R camera
– Insta 360 Pro 2
– GoPro Fusion

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On request

– Our bigger drones like the Matrice 600 offer a wide variety of camera options. We would love to hear which camera you need for you Aerial production so we can tell you our related options.

Other Kiwi equipment

Helicopter shots, Steady cam and Car-2-Car shots

Next to the certified drones and cameras above Kiwi Aerial Shots also offers other services and product we would like to mention. Such as our helicopter cineflex services, our Steady-cam option and our self-developed LED lighting system that offers lots of unique possibilities as it is lightweight and relatively small.

Kiwi LED light

– In our Kiwi workshop we have developed an unique LED lighting system that we can deplay hand held or put underneath a drone. Read more about this 1800W LED system on our lighting page.

Cineflex Elite

– At kiwi we also offer the option to film from a helicopter. We can do this the handheld way or with a Gimball. Or with a GSS or Cineflex Elite system. More info you can find on our helicopter page.

Steady cam

– We use the Ronin MX Steady cam on our Matrice 600 drone or as a handheld option for our complete video production services. Read more about this service on our corporate video page.

Custom Rigs

– Our self-developed Car Rig gives us the opportunity to work with lenses up to 200mm and drive up to 90 kmph. Contact us to get more specific technical information about our Car rig.


Custom is King

Unique drones, rigs and special effects

It’s on a daily base that we are working on custom projects in our workshop in Amsterdam. Our technical background and years of experience on set gave us the knowledge to build some of the most groundbreaking drones and helicopter rigs. We build unique coffee drones for the minister of Defence campaign and one of the first 280VR camera rigs to film with three RED Monstro’s underneath a helicopter. With Kiwi, we can provide technical knowledge and hands-on craftsmanship in both pre-production as on set. Below you can check some of the custom projects that we have worked on lately.


This is an ungoing project we will tell you more about as soon as it is finished.

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DRONE with an 1800W LED

This unique drone can fly with a 1800W LED that produces 163.000 lumen. The shadow and lighting effects it produces are insane!

Read more and check the demo video

It was for a online campaign for the minister of Defence that we had to build this custom coffee drone. It could fly and serve coffee while foaming the milk and grinding the beans.

Click here to see the commercial

For this 5 hours shoot we had to build a unique camera rig to film Amsterdam in 360VR from underneath a helicopter. The result of this video can be seen at the island Pampus, an attraction site near Amsterdam.

Read more about this on our 360 blog page

For a global Mitsubishi commercial, we made the ignition of a starting engine. Next to that, we also made the drone shots for this commercial.

Check the commercial here!

We can make stable shots with a RED or Alexa camera while driving 80kmph. This way we shot unique footage around Schiphol airport for an upcoming documentary.


Do you have a custom challange for us? Or do you want to know more about our drone, camera and lens options? We love to help you out with our aerial services so contact us if you have any questions, no matter how creazy it seems!

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