DRone shoot Mitsubishi

Four day shoot in Spain


Early 2018 we were contacted by production company ‘Borish’ to realise the drone shots for a global Mitsubishi commercial. A challenging project as we had to go filming in remote places and the request reached us just a few weeks in advance. Part of the production team were the boy’s of Venture Collective. A great company with we worked with a lot! We knew this was going to be a great project!

Kiwi drone-productie

The drone we had in mind for this production was our X8 heavy lifter. By using this drone we could film with our RED camera and so the Aerial shots would be similar to the other shots made by the rest of the team. Next to X8 drone, our RED camera and Ronin MX gimball we also brought our Kiwi LED lighting system. A handy custom build lightweight LED light that produces 1800W! All this equipment including our Backup drone and lenses made a total of 8 big peli-cases we had to check in on the Airport.

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The location of the shoot was Spain. We were in the South-east near to Granada. Here you can find some beautiful remote landscapes and thankfully we were lucky with great cinematic sky’s. part of the Aerial production was a local Spanish drone team. They were well known with the local drone regulations and had to be part of the team so that we did everything totally legal. After arriving we immediately had a recce on which we found out we had to go for completely new locations for the drone shots. This did put some pressure on the production but eventually, we did find some great new locations within time.

Drone shoot location

The production team

The concept and production of the commercial was in hands of Borish and Venture collective. The production was led by Marjolein van Aarten who did an amazing job in making sure that everything was in the right location at the right time. In total, we were with a team of a bit more than 25 people on models, fixers, photographers, assistants etc.

Nederlands drone opname bedrijf in Spanje


As you can see in the final video there is also a special effect of the engine ignition. Kiwi also made this effect as this is part of our services. We have a workshop in Amsterdam in which we make custom video production tools such as car rigs, gimbals and… small special effects. The flam you see in this commercial is the ignitions of the Mitsubishi SUV. Of course, you would never see a big yellow flame inside a car engine but for the commercial, it gave the perfect aggressive feeling of a starting SUV that Mitsubishi was looking for. More about our custom services you can read on our Kiwi technics page.

special effect


If you want more information about our Kiwi Aerial Shots drone services you can contact us through the information underneath our use our contact form on our contact page. Check our portfolio page to see more work of our hands and read everything about the drones and cameras we work on our technics page. If you are interested in our Kiwi LED lighting system, check our Kiwi LED light page.