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As gimbal shots are very similar to drone shots we are asked regularly to provide these for big productions. We’ve done many different projects ranging from filming the biggest boats to car commercials and a music video for world-famous Armin van Buren.

film production

MOVI productions

> Movies and Doc’s

> Sports and Events

> Corporate video’s

> Commmercials

RED camera sensor

Why Kiwi

> 7 years of experience

> Experience with all kinds of professional camera’s and lensesBR/>

> Technical knowledge

> Globally active

Tom van Oijen Kiwi team


Let us know about your MOVI production and contact us at:

> +31 (0) 6 19 19 71 78


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MOVI portfolio

Below are some project we’ve worked on in the past using our gimbal systems. More of this can be found on our portfolio page. If you would like to see footage related to your specific production you can always contact us. We are happy to provide you with extra information and images.

MOVI camera's and lenses

We always use high-end camera’s and lenses for our shoots to work with RAW footage that gives great flexibility in post-production. Check our Technics page to see which equipment we work with.  Of course, if you have special wishes we can always adapt to your specific production. At Kiwi we are also specialized in custom building requests. As we work daily in our workshop in Amsterdam on custom car rigs and gimbals we would love to hear what special request you have for us. At the moment we are working on a game changer in lighting. A 1800W LED lamp that is light enough to put beneath a Insipre drone. Read everything about this on our LED lighting page.

MOVI verhuur

Camera en Lenses

> RED Raven

> ARRI Alexa (mini)

> lenses up to 200mm

Processed with VSCO with c7 preset


> Gimbals

> Car rigs

> 1800W (drone) LED lighting

RED camera

RAW video

> Resolution up to 6K

> Prores 4444 or R3D codec

> RED Raven or Scarlet-w

7 years of experience

We gathered a lot of experience in working and building with many different gimbal systems working for all kind of productions. As we are a renowned Dutch film production company we have a great network of professional people and have some of the best in our Kiwi team. So if you have any questions regarding the possibilities, contact us here and we are more than happy to help out!

Working globally