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Professional drone shots on your online platform

With our live stream drone services, we offer professional HD aerial shots live on your tv channel or online platform. We can set this up as part of a bigger live stream production or independently with one or multiple drones that deliver live stream footage. Let us know if you want to know more about our live stream drone services. Also during this Corona pandemic, we can be of service with our drones.
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Live stream with drones

Setting up a live stream service with drones requires just another way of working compared to a regular live stream video production. This has to do with the type of airspace we have to work in but also the fact we are dependent of the battery life of our drones. For example, when we stream video images from our Inspire 2 drone, we have a maximum flight time of around 20 minutes. This means we have to switch the camera to another drone to reload the battery of the other drone. When there is not a need of dynamic drone flights we can work with a so-called cable drone that is powered from the ground and therefore can stay up in the air for hours. The disadvantage is that we are limited in our flight paths. Therefore we always recommend working with multiple drones or a regular camera team to switch to. If needed we can take care of all of these things.
Livestream with drones

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The live stream equipment we use is not very different than a regular live stream. We work with a switchboard with an input of 8 different camera channels and can work with live audio input or work with an audio file that is already recorded. The final output can be transferred to any online platform you wish. We do have to double-check the exact location on 4G reach but as we work will send the live stream over multiple networks we can always guarantee a smooth Livestream feed without working with a big satellite van. next to the audio and video input of our drones and regular cameras we can also add animations, logos and name titles if needed. Of course, these require good pre-production and communication in advance of the shoot.


Let us know if you have any questions about setting up a professional live stream with drones in the Netherlands. We love to hear your ideas and wishes and from there we can tell you about the possible live stream services we can supply with our drones. More info about our certification, professional pilots and related drone services you can find on our Drone service page or otherwise just contact us to our contact page.
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