Aerial photography with drones

A drone is the perfect tool for aerial photography. Feel free to look around and see what services we offer.

Drone photography options

Regular aerial photography
Kiwi can deliver up to 22megapixel foto’s. For this we use a Canon 5d or similar DSLR camera

360º Panorama photography
With this technique we can stitch eight to ten foto’s together to create a really high resolution panorama photo.

With 360 degree photography we can simulate the view of a building that still has to be buit.


Drone - Camera Options
We work with many different camera's. It's up to you to pick one.

- Panasonic - GH4 (16mp, m3/4, RAW, JPG)
- Sony - A7s (12.2mp, Full frame sensor)
- Canon - 5Dm2 (22.3mp, Fullframe , RAW, JPG)
- Dji X5 (16mp, m3/4, RAW, JPG) (inspire 1)

Want to use another camera? Contact us for the possibilities.


> Architecture
> Inspections
> Agro inspection
> events

RAW, Jpeg, Tiff.